YoungGems® program FAQs

YoungGems® is a global real-world entrepreneurship program created by the real-world serial entrepreneur, Gemma Manning. The program is grounded in real-world experience offering engaging masterclasses, practical tools and activities, and coaching and mentoring.

YoungGems® is an inclusive educational program created by real-world entrepreneurs for future entrepreneurs. At its core, it provides an inclusive, supportive, and safe environment for people of all backgrounds with all types of ideas to shine.   Whether you are a junior student with no entrepreneurial experience or a business owner who is willing to take your business to the next level, YoungGems® offers tailored programs for you to achieve your objectives in the business realm.

Depending on the course you take, it can take anywhere from 3 days to 12 weeks. Below you can find the detailed schedule of each course. 

3-day bootcamp

Prior Online LearningStudents to complete 12 masterclasses online on their own time Complete all the assignments
Day 1Review masterclasses 1-6
  • The YoungGems® Philosophy
  • The World of Entrepreneurship
  • The Secret Sauce of Entrepreneurship
  • The Power of Storytelling
  • Unearthing Your Passion
  • Building Your Personal Brand
  • Inspiration map
  • What is your story
  • A letter to your business heroes
  • Story telling presentations
  • T-shaped cloud group activity
  • Draft your personal brand statement
Day 2Review masterclasses 7-12 and pitch prep
  • Solving real-world problems
  • Exploring Your Idea
  • Understand the Landscape
  • The Why
  • Nailing the Numbers
  • Crafting Your Pitch
  • Identify a real-world problem
  • Create your Business Canvas Model
  • Competitor landscape analysis
  • Complete the Heart Model
  • Build your financial plan
  • Create the first draft of your pitch
Day 3
  • Perfect your pitch
  • Pitch event
Pitch presentations

6 Week Program (Beginner)

The schedule
Week 1Induction, The World of Entrepreneurship
Week 2The Secret Sauce of Entrepreneurship
Week 3The Power of Storytelling
Week 4Building on Your Passion
Week 5Building Your Personal Brand
Week 6Solving Real-World Problems

6 Week Program (Advanced)

The schedule
Week 1Induction, Solving a Real-world Problems
Week 2Exploring Your Idea
Week 3Understanding the Landscape
Week 4The Why and Nailing the Numbers
Week 5Crafting Your Pitch, Pitch Workshop
Week 6Pitch Session

12 Week Comprehensive Course

The schedule
InductionThe YoungGems® Philosophy: An introductionWeek 7Exploring Your Idea
Week 1The World of EntrepreneurshipWeek 8Understand the Landscape
Week 2The Secret Sauce of EntrepreneurshipWeek 9The Why
Week 3The Power of StorytellingWeek 10Nailing the Numbers
Week 4Unearthing Your PassionWeek 11Crafting Your Pitch
Week 5Building Your Personal BrandWeek 12Pitch Night
Week 6Solving Real-World ProblemsAftercare

Yes, our courses are designed to accomodate for busy professionals as well as the university students. You can take all YoungGems® masterclasses online in your own time and connect with your mentor on a date/time that suits your schedule for further support.

All YoungGems® courses can be delivered face-to-face, fully digital or in a hybrid format. Our hybrid program consists of 6 to 12 digital and in-person masterclasses supplemented by regular live sessions, 1-1 coaching and Q&As (either face-to-face or virtually).

Our digital program is housed in our custom-designed Learning Management System(LMS). The program is brought to life through live masterclasses and one-on-one mentoring sessions in a schedule that suits your time.

If you are joining us as a partner to take YoungGems® to your community, please enquire for detailed pricing information here:

If you are joining as an individual, please refer to the programs page to view the prices.

If you are registering as a partner to take YoungGems® to your community, please enquire here:

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Our connection with you does not end with the course coming to an end. You will be connected with your mentors and your fellow budding entrepreneurs via our alumni network as part of the YoungGems® aftercare program.