A global real-world entrepreneurship program

YoungGems® aims to guide budding entrepreneurs and future workers in a way that addresses the key reasons why most businesses fail. Rather than start with technology in mind, our program is marketing led – an approach that is key to business success.

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The YoungGems® philosophy

Entrepreneurship has never before been such a glamorous, promoted and popular career choice – but research shows that 90% of start-ups fail.

In a world of constant change and disruption, people from all walks of life need to have an entrepreneurial mindset and key skills such as problem-solving, ideating, and analytical and creative thinking to navigate any future workplace, or to apply to their own business.

"YoungGems® aims to guide budding entrepreneurs and future workers in a way that addresses the key reasons why most businesses fail."
Gemma Manning
YoungGems™ Founder


Hear from our YoungGems®

My key takeaways

"YoungGems® helped me understand more about myself as an entrepreneur and a person, business elements as a whole, techniques and tool sets for business."
Kamel El-Naggar
Co-Founder of Mosaic Bites

YoungGems® inspired me

"Through YoungGems®, I found a strong female business leader doing business all around the world. As a woman, I felt inspired to dream bigger due to this program."
Grace Karenju
Founder of Impact Loop

Program delivery - anytime, anywhere

We offer the YoungGems® program in several different formats catering for all needs. From face-to-face, hybrid (combination of live masterclasses and our online program) to a fully digital enabled program, we can deliver YoungGems® anywhere and anytime.

The online course features:


Becoming a YoungGems® alumni

All our graduates become YoungGems®, where you will benefit from the following:

A global networked community

Access to Gemstar’s partner network which may lead to future employment opportunities as well as the ability to become role models and mentors to future participants.

Ongoing and future support

Access through Gemstar to commercialise your idea through a range of mentorship opportunities in both Australia and ASEAN with the program facilitation team.

Access to our online platform

Graduates can stay connected through our online LMS platform where they will gain access to current information and stay in touch with their mentor and fellow mentees.

Digital credentials

YoungGems® graduates receive digital credentials that certify completion of our program. This enables prospect employers to easily confirm skills and legitimacy.

YoungGems® membership

YoungGems® membership offers access to our exclusive coworking spaces in Perth or Singapore, to a registered office address, investor support, marketing advisory services, and more.

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YoungGems® Facts

200+ alumni from different backgrounds

Conducted across multiple countries

Enabling sustainable real-world entrepreneurship


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