Masterclass 10 — Nailing the Numbers

Now that we have covered the essential marketing and branding aspects, we will explore creating a practical financial plan for your business. Even if you don’t need immediate financing and instead plan to bootstrap it, you should still compile a financial plan and forecast based on certain assumptions, to help you steer your business towards success.

In this masterclass, we will explore the basic finance side of your business and help you develop a financial plan that anyone can understand, even if you don’t like numbers!

What will I learn?

  • Definition of a financial plan and the role it plays in business
  • Key elements of a financial plan and how to create one for your business
  • Pricing models and revenue models

What will I get from this masterclass?

  • A better understanding of the costs and revenue streams in your business
  • Knowledge of how to price your product/service
  • The beginnings of a financial plan for your business
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Program Includes

  • 5 Modules