Masterclass 5 — Building Your Personal Brand

Whether you are an employee or entrepreneur, cultivating a personal brand has become more important than ever. One reason is that these days, recruiters, influencers and potential investors and customers often use social media and other platforms to understand who you are.

In this masterclass, you will gain an understanding of the key fundamentals of defining your personal brand. We will workshop the tools and information needed to broaden your knowledge of what makes a strong personal brand, ready for the professional world. We will explore why personal branding is important in today’s digital world, and what exactly personal branding means.

What will I learn?

  • The importance of a personal brand strategy in today’s digital world
  • How to develop a personal brand model
  • The unique elements that make up your brand

What will I get from this masterclass?

  • Your personal brand model
  • Understanding of your ambitions, values and traits
  • Knowledge of your brand essence – what is at the very core of you
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Program Includes

  • 5 Modules