YoungGems® mentor and advisor, Robbie Gaspar, on the importance of entrepreneurship education for athletes

Mehra Lester

Posted on February 1, 2024

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Robbie Gaspar is a well-renowned and respected former Australian soccer player who played professionally in Australia and South East Asia. He is also a successful business leader involved with several start-ups and the President of the Indonesia Institute of Australia. We were honoured to have Robbie join our Advisory board last year and sign up to be a mentor for the YoungGems® program.

Recently, Robbie sat down with us to discuss the importance of entrepreneurship education for athletes. Having been a professional athlete, Robbie believes that athletes possess traits and attributes that naturally align with those of successful entrepreneurs. Traits like discipline, dedication, self-motivation, focus and resilience are not only instrumental in sports but also in the entrepreneurial space. Robbie is also passionate about helping athletes transition after their sports careers.

We asked Robbie why he is passionate about entrepreneurship education for athletes. “Entrepreneurship offers athletes an easier transition post-sports career,” he mentioned. He also highlighted that the right entrepreneurship program, like YoungGems®, equips athletes with the right tools and coaching throughout their entrepreneurial journey.

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